Introduction: Wall-E Digital Clock

Hi to everybody, this Christmas have given me this nice clock of Wall-E but unfortunately it is very noisy and during the night it was unbearable, so I have thought about turning it into a digital clock.

Step 1: Open the Digital Clock

Inside the cube digital clock

Step 2: Open Wall-E and Remove the Analog Clock

When I have opened Wall-E under the eyes with my surprise I have discovered that there were already the holes to insert the leds

Step 3: Another Vain Battery

Another surprise when I have discovered another vain battery removing a small plastic piece

Step 4: Two New Eyes for Wall-E @_@

To make to see the light of the leds only when they are on, I have had to remove the plastic eyes painted and I have replaced them with 4 little disk (two for eye) of filter polarizant taken from a broken LCD, has overlapped them and rotated so that to make to become them black.

Step 5: Case Digital Clock

I have cut and adapted the case of Digital clock for inserting it to the place of the analog clock

Step 6: Buttons for the Clock

I have used the houses of the digital clock as it drives for the holes, then I have inserted 6 buttons

Step 7: LCD Backlight

To realize the backlight of the clock I have used a piece of plexiglas recovered from a broken lcd and I have add 5 yellow leds

Step 8: Back Side of Wall-E

Here you can see all the wirings and the buttons of the old clock glued

Step 9: Finish

Here is the new Wall-E Digital Clock, when press the button, the eyes and the LCD come illuminated, it is more better now :D