Wall Fishing Pole Mount

Introduction: Wall Fishing Pole Mount

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This is a very easy fishing pole mount to make. It's great for garages or sheds. I had a perfect spot for this project and the wood laying around. Besides the wood you will need 4 L brackets some tools sand paper and screws. The wide is 3 inches but you can make the length what ever you want for what you have room for. Then some hole drilling and mounting and you have your fishing poles out of the way and organized. If you wish you could paint it do that before mounting. You could also add a lower wood for ice fishing poles I hang mine upside down from the top and sit in good.

you'll need one of these

Step 1: Tools and Supplies






drill bits

sand paper




wood 6 in wide length depends two feet

4 L bracets


fishing poles


Step 2: Cut Wood 2 Pieces

I used a jig saw to cut my main pieces. I cut a six inch piece in half at three inches the length is two feet long. I used a ruler straight edge and a square to make straight cuts. You could use what ever saw fits you best. The wood is about 3/4 inches width.

Step 3: Drill Holes

After you cut your two pieces of wood Put them on top of each other and drill out your holes. Mark on the top layer where the middle of the wood is so that your hole is drilled in the middle. I used a 1 1/2 in drill bit to cut out the holes. I made mine to hold 8 rods. When cutting out the holes I put them on a scrap piece of wood and cut threw both the wall mount pieces. Make sure the pieces are lined up so that the poles fit in both pieces. After you cut the holes make sure to sand the edges.

Step 4: Mount on Wall

Before making this project you should already have the spot picked out. I used L brackets to mount the wood holders. The brackets came with screws that I first screwed into the wood then into the wall. I mounted the bottom wood holder first the the top one. I simply screwed the L brackets into the wall use a level if you wish. Then mount the second wood holder so that it is even with the other holder.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! Very handy, but simple to make. Thanks for sharing this.