Introduction: Wall Hanging Star From Paper

Hi all,

Here i am sharing wall hanging made from paper. Share and support my effort

watch the tutorial. hope you all like it.

Materials required:

1. Newspaper/ Paper

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Smooth stick/ pen

Step 1: Use Paper of Size 10 Cm X 30 Cm

Step 2: Using Pen or Smooth Stick Roll From One Corner

Step 3: Glue at the Corner of the Paper Tube to Secure It

Step 4: Place the Paper Tubes As Shown

Step 5: Mark 5 Cm From Centre in All the Directions

Step 6: Mark 15 Cm From Center in All the Directions

Step 7: At 5 Cm , Mark the Pattern As Shown

Step 8: Join All 5 Cm Points by Using This Patttern

Step 9: Follow the Same Till Center

Step 10: Glue the End of the Paper Tube Backside

Step 11: Now the Front Portion Looks Like This

Step 12: Join All the 15 Cm Points by Using the Same Pattern

Step 13: Follow the Same Procedure Till the Centre

Step 14: Glue at the End to Secure It

Step 15: Our Final Wall Hanging Showpiece Is Ready for Decoration