Introduction: Wall Mount Without the Wall

Some things are designed to be hanged or supported against the wall. In some apartments, you are not allowed to drill. Those some things are annoying when they just stand there or in the way. Or even worst, when you touch them and they all collapse. Things like wand vacuum cleaners or brooms or mops. In most places you have a storage rack which can be used to provide support to such items which are better stored hanging.


Some screws, 2 angle brackets and of course the rack

Step 1: Measure Everything

Measure your rack, screws, brackets, everything

Step 2: Draw the Board in Some CAD Software

After you have all the measurements, draw the board you will attach to the rack. The board will become the "wall". I've attached my version of the board which has a lot of screw holes. I don't know what my needs will be in the future so I've made it "modular".

Step 3: Attach the Board Using the Angle Brackets

Step 4: Finishing Up

I've attached the board to the inside the of rack. When the board is loaded it will tend to bend. By placing it inside, the bending of the board will make it rest of the columns of the rack thus the columns will act as supports for the board. In this way the whole thing has enough stiffness and does not depend on only the angle brackets.

Now my vacuum cleaner sits nicely and uses almost 0 space. It also charges while it's docked. The mop was always in the way and now it sits nicely.

Many thanks to the people from FabLab Leuven for helping me with the laser cutter to get the perfect board.