Introduction: Wall Mounted Charging Station Shelf

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Finding a dedicated spot to charge electronic devices while keeping the wires tamed and out of sight can be a challenge. And when you live with roommates, the problem can get even more out of hand. So when a friend with this problem asked for my help, this is the solution I came up with: a DIY wall mounted charging station/shelf combo. It holds a power strip on the lower shelf where you can plug in the chargers and the devices rest on the top shelf.

*** please note that the cable from the power strip does NOT run behind/inside the wall ***

Step 1: Cut Wood

Cut a 1"x6"x 6 ft pine board into 4 boards: 2 x 24" and 2 x 5" ( I had this done at the hardware store). You could also use 1" x 4" boards to make a narrower shelf.

Step 2: Drill Holes for Wires

Drill a semi-circular hole in the middle of the top and bottom board using a 1 ½” diameter hole saw. Clamping a piece of scrap wood on top of the board before making the hole will help make a cleaner cut. The wires from the devices you’re charging will come out the top hole and the bottom hole is for the cord of the power strip going to the outlet.

Step 3: Drill Ventilation Holes

Using a large drill bit, make several ventilation holes in the bottom. These will help dissipate the heat generated from the chargers.

Step 4: Attach Brackets and Assemble the Shelf

Before assembling the shelf, add L-brackets to the back of the top board – these will be used to secure the charging station to the wall or a wall panel. Assemble the shelf using these steps from my stove shelf.

Step 5: Add a Door

The door is optional but it keeps the mess of wires out of sight. To make the door, I used 1/8” thick hardboard material that I had left over from another project and covered it with material from an IKEA curtain panel I had on hand, and then stained it with the same Minwax stain as the shelf. For the hinge, I used ribbon and upholstery tacks and to hold the door open, I used eye hooks and ball chain. I added a magnetic clasp to keep the door closed and for the handle, any knob will do.

And now the charging station is ready to install on a wall or wall panel! The video shows in detail the whole process of making the door, and the shelf, as well as how I made the wall panels to create an entryway.

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