Introduction: Wall Mounted Plywood Entertainment Center

with this instructable I had a dinky little entertainment center and want ed a bigger one. I looked up prices for sum of these that I wanted to buy but they were outrageously priced..... so I decide to make my own.

Step 1: Building the Base

so the tools that I used were
1. table saw
2. power drill
3. miter saw
4. sander
5. 1 1/4 inch screws
6. finishing nails
7. counter sink
8. small drill bit
9. wood putty
10. white gloss paint

I started by cutting all my materials first. I used 2 sheets of primed top notch plywood

2 - boards at 96 x 15 in
2 - boards at 31 in x 15 in
7 - boards at 15 in x 15 in
4 - boards at 38 1/2 x 6 in
8 - boards at 12 in x 6 in
1 - board at 32 1/2 x 15 in
4 - pieces 3/4 in x 3/4in x 15 in

Step 2: Assemble Frames

this step with assembling the entertainment center make sure u pretty drill screw hole so that u don't split the wood. I would also cuter sink holes as well so that they can be puttied in. if u followed the measurements it should go together pretty easy. after assembled I added trim to give it a nice finished look.

Step 3: Putty, Sand, Paint

pretty self explanatory. putty your screw holes an let dry. sand everything with 80 grit gives the wood a smooth texture for the paint.....then paint!... the wood ate my first 1/2 gallon so I had to go get another........ lol. took about 3 coats to get to the point where u couldn't see the wood grains. or pick a different color than white!

Step 4: Cut Cleet System

so this part we are making the cleets. I took some 1 x 3's and put a 45 degree rip right down the middle. ....I didn't want this to fall off the wall so went over kill on the cleets. u can get away with 3 but I did
4 - 15 in
3 - 32 in

u attach the top piece to the entertainment center and the other I used tapcon screws to secure to concrete exterior wall. 6 in the long ones and 3 in the short ones.... again over kill.... the base doesn't weigh as much as I thought it would.

Step 5: Hiding Wires

so I wanted to hide my wires to all my electronics. I also wanted it to b simple so I cut a piece 32 in x 15 in drilled a simple wood know in the center. for the center level I installed 2 pieces of 3/4in x 3/4in for the shelf to sit on. I did the same 7 in deep in the top cuby but mounted them vertical so that I hav a stopping point for the door to stop and not crush any of the plugs or the power supply. after that was set an done u need to hav access to the power supply. so map out where u want to put your electronics. I used 1 1/2 in holes going to all the cubbies touching the power supply case

Step 6: Building Jacks

these little puppies will help u install ur entertainment center and keep it level while u secure it to the wall.

really easy . decide how far u want it off the ground. I went with 8 inches. so I ripped a piece of mdf at 8 in an cut 8 sides. cut 12 pieces of 2 x4 at 15 in. I then drilled them together....kinda like a mini saw horse. Doesn't need to be pretty just sturdy.

Step 7: Hang and Enjoy

I added accented led lights.......... all tell I spent 200$ and a lot of sweat ecuity! !!!!......enjoy my instructable friends.

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