Introduction: Wall Painting With Balloon

Helloevery one.

In this instructable i will guide you how you can design your wall with easily available items.

Step 1: Collecting Items.

You will need following things

1)Balloon -- Make sure the ballon you select can be burst easily .

2)Syringe -- To suck paint and push into balloon.

3)White color wall paint (1000ml)

4)Mixing colors(Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green,Pink {50ml each}) -- Since we do not get ready made paints from market we have to make our own . Don't worry its too simple.

5)Water gun/Squirt gun(Optional). -- Neither costly nor complex . A simple one only.

6)Waste Papers -- You can choose newspapers.(I know i wasted a lot of newspapers pardon me, god of knowledge). Try to use another paper if available.

Step 2: Covering Areas With Newspapers.

Apart from area you want your design , cover all near by objects with newspaper.

Step 3: Making Colors.

Steps --

1)Take 200-300ml of white paint into a plastic jar.

2) Now depending on how much intensity of final color you want pour the color into white paint and stir with a stick well.

For example - I wanted light green , so i mixed 10-15 ml of green color with white paint.

If you want dark green then mix 20-25 ml of green color.

3)Fill your syringe by dipping into the color we made just now, then release it into the balloon through the opening of balloon.

4) Now blow balloon to perfect size depending upon its capacity. It must be size for your palm. Don't worry paint inside it will not go into your mouth. Tie it and keep aside.

5) Make 10-12 balloons of each color depending on your wall size.

6) Now you can throw the balloon in pattern or without pattern , its your choice.

Note --

When you will throw the balloon into wall it will not spread too much because balloon we made above was half filled with air. If you want to spread color on bursting of balloon fill it with some water with help of water gun.

Step 4: Additional Tip.

To look your design proffesional don't cover ceiling of your wall and let color spread.

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