Introduction: Wall Throwing Machines

this is a machine that helps you to throw better balls it takes some force to activate to prefect for practicing throwing. a button for the man activation component and a piece of cardboard to make it wider and have more area, also a led that lights up when it is hit. you're supposed to throw a lightweight ball at it so in order for the led to light you have to throw it at a correct pose.



-Arduino Uno

- breadboard any size

-6 jumper wire

-10kΩ resistor

-68Ω resistor

Step 1: Circuit

1. put the 5v in to the +

2. put the gnd into the -

3. put the button any where expect the +-

4. put the resistor of 10kΩ connect that with a random pin and a -

5. put the 5v in the positive of the button

6. set up led

7. put led anywhere not overlapping with +- and the button

8. connect the wire of negative(short) of the led with a 68Ω resistor

9. connect any pin except the one you connect with the button to the positive

Step 2: Code


const int pin = 7; //the pin the button is connect to give signals the target has been hit can be changed
const int light = 13;// the pin the led light is on can be changed const int timer = 2000;// th eamount of time to display hwn the target has been hit

void setup(){

void loop(){ if (digitalRead( pin )) { // when the button gets a signal the led turns on digitalWrite( light , HIGH ); delay (timer); } else { digitalWrite( 13 , LOW ); // if there is no signal the led turns off delay(timer); } }