Wall Decoration

Introduction: Wall Decoration

This wall decoration is easy to create and makes a great point of interest in a room. It is made from plywood cut on the laser cutter.

Step 1: How It Is Made

This wall decoration was created on the Laser Cutter.

The file is included here.

.188 plywood.

When the branches were cut out, they were connected at the end to anchor them using a plastic adhesive. I put a cardboard disk behind the glue to protect the wall.

I then used a removable adhesive behind the cardboard disk.

I used a few very tiny nails to support the branches at the base of a circle.

Step 2: Mounting the Wall Decoration

The wall decoration is very fragile and should be handled with care. I mounted the wall decoration as it came off of the cutter without painting it but might be very interesting painted. The pictures look good on light or dark walls.

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