Introduction: Wall Mount for CRT Monitor

This instructable is about how to hang an ordinary 17" CRT monitor (which is pretty heavy) on the wall on the cheap.

I had an old PC and 17" CRT monitor and wanted to use them on my small kitchen. If I put the monitor right on the table there would be too little space left for eating, etc. So I came up with this idea to hang the monitor over the table. In the end the amount of place even increased since a good new sturdy shelf appeared above the table.

Since the project is finished, I chose the 'photos' style of instructable. Read the text and see the pictures. All should be clear. If not feel free to comment.

I put some ropes around the monitor so that it is tied to the metal plate, which is bolted underneath the plywood shelf. Thus, it can easily be rotated sideways with only one finger.

To make the shelf stand the load I used a metal cord (it is very strong and thin, almost invisible, especially on these small pictures :-). One end of it is attached to the wall above with a wall bolt and a piece of metal. The other end goes through a hole in the shelf and is clutched tightly between drilled coins which allow adjusting the shelf.

The weight of the monitor is mostly applied to the cord and the wall bolt which can withstand at least twice the load. The side of the shelf which touches the wall is pressed against it almost without any vertical load. So three screws (one above and two under) were enough to limit its vertical position.

That was mostly it.

You can see white paint on the bolts and nuts. That is to be sure that they don't unscrew with time. But after some months I gave up checking it because all was on its place. I could apply even more force with my hand on the shelf downwards and nothing happened.

To make my head safe I glued some rubber on the corner of the shelf.

The PC is under the table, the keyboard hangs on the wall, the mouse is on the windowsill. All ready to be used.

Last improvement was to hang a mirror on the opposite wall in the right place so that I can watch video while washing the dishes.