Wall-mounted Shaving Brush Holder From Recycled Cell Phone Holder




Introduction: Wall-mounted Shaving Brush Holder From Recycled Cell Phone Holder

Make a wall-mounted shaving brush holder from a recycled cell-phone holder.

About the project: We do not have enough room for a traditional shaving brush holder on the small shelf located above the bathroom sink. A wall-mounted brush holder seemed like the only solution. Using a recycled cell-phone holder allowed us to store the shaving brush upside-down for better drying. This project only cost a dollar--compare that to $45 for holder I found online.

Cost: $1,


  • Old cell phone holder with clip
  • Pliers
  • Glue
  • One screw
  • screw-driver

About finding a cell phone holder:

I bought the old cellphone holder at the local thrift store for $1. Look for one that is lined with soft material; the one I found had a leather exterior and lined with a soft micro-fiber. The holder should be slightly flexible, yet sturdy enough to keep the brush handle in place. As seen in the finished picture the holder should hug the brush handle.

Step 1: Remove Clip From Cell Phone Holder

Use the pliers to remove the belt clip from the back of the cell phone holder. This will leave a perfectly sized hole where the screw will be drilled into the wall. I found that a circle of fabric had originally covered the whole where the clip was attached. If you find the dot of fabric, keep it for later.

Step 2: Screw the Holder Into the Wall

Screw the holder into the wall. The screw should fit in the hole that was left from when the clip was removed. Dab glue on the exposed screw head and cover with the dot of fabric. Make certain the holder is positioned to allow the brush handle to lock in with bristles pointing downwards.

Step 3: Place Brush in Holder

Now nestle the handle into the holder. The bristles should be pointed downwards, allowing the brush to dry more efficiently.

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    That's an awesome upcycle! Who would of thunk that a cell phone holder could fit a brush so well! Nice job, hope we see more from you in the future!