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Introduction: Wallet Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

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I love giving this wallet as a gift for someone paired with their
favorite gift card. I can always find a scrap big enough to make another one. It is appropriate for quilting fabric, fat quarters, light weight home dec fabrics as well at many other light to medium weight woven fabrics. The batting used here was cotton quilt batting but any other light batting will work. If you don't have batting or want another look you could also interface the main piece instead. This project is for someone with a little sewing experience.

Step 1: What You Need





Snap pliers (optional)

Material: 2 -1/4 yard fabric or remnant


snap (sew in kind or pliers kind)

remnant of batting (light weight) tiny piece of ribbon

print the pattern then cut pattern pieces from face fabric and lining fabric

Step 2: Baste

Baste piece A face fabric to batting 1/4" from edge and trim batting to match.
Place snap on body of wallet using the guide o the pattern.

Step 3: Snap Tab

Sew 1/2" seam on 3 sides of snap closure tab.
Turn and press then top stitch

Step 4: Place Tab

Baste in place. notice it is opposite of the snap, not on the same side.

Step 5: Zipper Pocket

Fold zipper pocket section in half on fold line and sew 1/2" seam on raw edge. Turn and press on seam.

Fold top of zipper section in half and press. this piece will be narrow.
Place folded edge of zipper sections right side up and top stitch to the zipper. If you open zipper it will be easier to sew in place.

Step 6: Zipper Pocket to Body of Wallet

Place zipper section even with the top and stitch in place close to edge

Step 7: Card Pockets

Fold 2 pocket sections together right sides in and sew 1/2" seam . Turn and press.

Step 8: Attach Card Pockets to Body of the Wallet

Fold last card pocket right sides out
Place top pocket 2" up from the bottom stitch close to edge along the bottom only.

Place middle pocket 1 1/2" up from bottom and stitch close to edge
Place bottom pocket even with the edge and baste in place along sides only! The bottom pocket is the one that was folded not sewn.

Step 9: Assemble the Wallet

Place right sides together and sew wallet on 3 sides leaving the pocket side open.
Clip corners
Turn and press

Step 10: Sewing Closed

Flip bottom pocket to the front. Sew closed with 1/2" seam trim then flip back.

Step 11: Topstitch

Top stitch around edges.

Place the other half of snap set on flap.
It's ready to use. I like to feed a scrap of ribbon through the hole in the zipper to make it easyer to pull as well as adding a decorative detail.

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2 years ago

This will make giving gift cards so much more personal. I appreciate that you have developed and shared this. Thanks so much! I will share pix later.


3 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I am going to try out, just one question, what's the final size? could you tell me the dimensions please?


3 years ago

Thank you so much! I am going to make one to co-ordinate with a purse I just made. Love it!


4 years ago

I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for posting this!! God bless you :)

Althea MaeH
Althea MaeH

4 years ago

very cute...


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5 years ago

Thank you for sharing! My daughters will love this!


Reply 5 years ago