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Introduction: Wallet Size Notebook From a Single A4 Sheet of Paper

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Hello everybody!

Have you ever found yourselves in a situation where you need to take a note, but not a single shred of paper is available? Well, fear no more! With this instructable I'll show you how to make a useful notebook you can slip in your wallet and use when you need it!
As you can see from the video, this handy little notebook takes no longer than two minutes to get done.
Start with a blank sheet of paper and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again, then again. You're 80% done. Open the booklet and bind it with a couple of staples along the spine. Finally, cut around the three other sides to separate the pages and there you have it.

Step 1: Possible Improvements

What we achieved in the previous step is the "bare" version of the booklet, but with a little bit of designing you can fully customize it. Just as an example: I'm a passionate photographer and I thought it may come in handy to have an exposure value (EV) chart available, so I added one on the back, and put a photographer's silhouette on the front.
You can add basically whatever you think it's useful for you:
- a calendar
- a measuring units conversion chart
- important info such as emergency phone numbers
- a to-do list template with boxes to tick out your accomplishments
- a shopping list template
- some survival tips&tricks, for you, preppers out there!
and a million more things I can't even think of right now.
I will leave you the template (in .TIFF format) I used for making my own booklet, which consists of a bunch of blank and ruled pages, but you can easily change it as you prefer. I suggest you proceed like this: download the .TIFF file and print the layer called "front" first. Then insert the sheet of paper back in the printer, so that layer called "back" can be printed on the opposite side. In order to make it print out well, make sure that page 5 of "back" side, ends up right in the back of page "Notes" on "front" size. Then fold along the lines and you're done.

Hope you liked it, thanks and bye-bye!

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    Stephen Inoue
    Stephen Inoue

    6 years ago

    Ade - Cool booklet idea. The video in the instructable is the wrong one. Any chance you can relink to the wallet size notebook from A4 paper video?

    ade angelis
    ade angelis

    Reply 6 years ago

    Here it is!! :) https://youtu.be/hYTw-YD1PL4

    Stephen Inoue
    Stephen Inoue

    Reply 5 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for the cool instructable and video!