Wallhanging With a LED Stand

Introduction: Wallhanging With a LED Stand

Its a homemade wall hanging made from news papers with a attractive small stand which can be used for multipurpose and a simple LED with switch.It can be used as a gift for giving a gift or used in home as wall hanging.it is a attractive cost effective wall hanging with led which is with a switch which can be used to glow led at night making the small glass sculpture glow.These complete tree makes the wall very attractive.

Step 1: Step 1: Cut the Paper and Roll It

Tools Required:

1)To make the Tree


b)Glue,Scissor,Water Color Box with Paint Brushes,one cardboard(books hard cover) to keep tree straight.

c)Gliters of Multiple Color to Shine the tree.

2)To make Led with switch

a)Small copper clad board

b)One colorful led,small on/off switch,one 15 v battery.

first cut the paper in three equal parts, and then take a pen or pencil and roll it and paste the end points

Step 2: Step 2: Make Large Number of Paper Rolls

make large number of paper rolls as many as you needed to make the tree.and then with the help of the pen start rolling it to make the circle and stick the end points ,similarly make different sizes of circles by attaching the paper rolls .

Step 3: Step 3: to Make the Branches

to make the branches of tree just fold the paper rolls of 5 cm length

Step 4: Step 4: Completed Circles and Branches

Step 5: Step 5:colouring Process

after completion colour the circles with different colours and shades and apply gliiters or sparkels on it to look attractive and even colour the branches with same brown colour. after this process take a big cardboard paper and cut in a shape of a tree and attach a single rope for hanging .After this apply gum on the card board paper and stick branches and circles properly as shown above.

This is the process of attaching LED

just cut the copper clad board into small pice and connect the battery to the on/off button and solder the button on th copper clad button and connect the colorful led to the battery these makes the simple switch for the led and thus saving the power and making the wall hanging attractive.

Step 6: Making the Small LED Switch.

Just cut the copper clad board into the small board just as of the size of the button to be fitted in the board,now just solder the button with the help of soldering iron on the copper clad board with its one end connected to the battery and another terminal connected to the negative terminal.now connect the positive wire of led to the positive terminal of the battery..as the switch consist of three terminal just short two terminals and then connect them to the negative terminal of the battery.These makes the simple ON/OFF switch for the LED thus saving the battery power.

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