Introduction: Wallpaper Flowers

About: Hello! My name is Ekaterina. I really love to create...)

Wallpaper flowers.
Simple and beautiful!)

Tools and materials:
- Wallpaper (I used 50 cm wide)
- Glass (or other double circular shape)
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Hot glue gun
- Tweezers

Step 1:

Draw and trim five petal pieces whatever you like and two circles. To draw circles I used a glass.

Step 2:

Take one petal. Draw a line in the middle of the petal. Cut the petal along the line. Do it with all the petals.

Step 3:

Take one petal. Fold it at the bottom of the cut. Stick the petal with a hot glue gun. Repeat with all the petals.

Take the first petal. Add glue to bottom point, stick to it the second one petal, then the third, fourth, fifth.

Take a small circle. Stick it into the center of your flower.

Turn around your flower. Stick the big one circle.

Step 4:

Draw and cut a strip 10 cm wide. Cut it along the entire lenght.

Take the tweezers. Roll the strip on it. This is your flower center. Stick it.

Than take a scissors. Use edge of scissors to curl notched strips.

Step 5:

Take your flower and your flower center. Stick flower center into the flower.

That's all!
Have fun!)