Walnut Liqeuer



Introduction: Walnut Liqeuer

This is liqueur made of out walnuts!

Recipe is simple and easy to make!

In link there is youtube video so you can watch the recipe :)

Step 1: Find Not Fully Grown Walnuts

For this recipe you will need 40 not fully grown walnuts!

It is wise to use rubber glowes when you pick them because they will leave black stains of you hands.

Put walnuts in a glass jar!

We had 3 liter glass jar!

Step 2: Put Some Sugar And/or Honey

Put some sugar or/and honey in the jar!

In this recipe, we put 1 kg of sugar and 0.5 kg of honey!

Step 3: Put Alcohol in It

It's time to cover walnut and sugar/honey with some strong alcohol!

Again we use rakija, fruit brandy made of plums! It have around 50% of alcohol!

Fill the jar to the top with brandy

Step 4: Wait...

For this liqueur to be finished it takes 40 days of "sunshining"!

Put the jar in sunlight and wait for 40 days.

In time, walnuts with color the brandy and it will turn almost black!

Step 5: Stir From Time to Time

Stir from time to time because sugar and honey will go down on the bottom of the jar. I use wooden "spoon" :)

Step 6: Filter

After 40 days are over, stir it,filter this and put it in glass bottles. You can put in a plastic bottles but glass is best for storing this :)

Step 7: Enjoy


Best step of all!


But... be carefull, just because this is taste sweet, remember that it have a LOT of alcohol! So be carefull :)

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