Introduction: Walter the Microbot Bot Basic Movement

We will be programming Walter the Micro:Bot.


- Micro:Bot

- Computer

- You!

Step 1:

This is a video tutorial of how to write the program but you can also choose to just follow the step by step procedures.

Step 2:

Go to

Step 3:

Create a new project.

Step 4:

Click on advanced.

Step 5:

Click on Extensions.

Step 6:

Click On Servo which is on the right with the bright green background.

Step 7:

A tab should appear saying Servos.

Step 8:

Right click on start and then click on delete block.

Step 9:

Click on the logic tab and select the piece that I have highlighted.

Step 10:

Drag the box and drop it into the forever box and it should snap.

Step 11:

Next click on the input tab and select the block I have highlighted.

Step 12:

Drag the box and snap it to the if then statement.

Step 13:

Click on the plus sign 2 times so that it matches the final picture.

Step 14:

Using the input tab add more button presses like we did before.

Step 15:

Next click on the servo tab and select the continuous servo function which I highlighted.

Step 16:

Drag the continuous servo function under the if statement like I did.

Step 17:

Repeat this process for the else if statements so that your blocks match mine.

Step 18:

Click on the servos tab again and select stop servo which I have highlighted.

Step 19:

Put to stop servo commands under the else statement.

Step 20:

Click on the A and select A+B. When we are done programming pressing A and B at the same time Walter will move forward.

Step 21:

Change the first else if statement to button B.

Step 22:

Click on the second block of each command that's labeled P0.

Step 23:

Change every other P0 to P2 so that your code matches mine. P0 is the back left motor and P2 is the back right motor.

Step 24:

Next we are going to change the power and direction of the motors so they work together.

Step 25:

Your power values should match the code.

Step 26: Here Are Video Instructions If You Prefer That! :)