Introduction: Wand With an Recycled Paper ( Paper Saving)

Wand with recycled paper
We all have to save paper and trees. Because of trees we all are getting this much paper
So in my diy art/craft I am gonna tell all of you how to make a magic wand just using recycled paper any paper
Newspaper etc Thank you!



Step 1: Take a Recycled Paper

Take a recycled paper and roll it thin neat and tight
This helps you the wand to be steady... and glue it

Step 2: Take Out a Paint You Like (I Prefer Brown)

Now is the fun part PAINTING! I too like painting
Normally wands are the color of brown if you don’t want the color brown to your wand, you could paint any color you want..

Step 3: Now for the Last Part

After you painted the wand leave it to dry
And Ta-Da your hand made recycled wand is done
You saved trees and paper! And actually I painted my wand black

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