Introduction: Wanderlust Bow

Another project made from pages from an outdated atlas the library was discarding, but anything paper and beyond repair is fair game! Magazines, books, comics, sheet music, even used wrapping paper.

Still looking at maps and dreaming of other places...


-scrap paper

-glue or clear tape



Step 1:

Start by cutting your paper into strips about 3/4” thick. You’ll need three 8” strips, three 7” strips, and one 3 1/2-4” strip for each bow.

Fold the longest 3 strips in half the short way, then unfold, for a slight crease marking the center.

Step 2:

Bring one end toward the center fold, twisting it once, and glue it at an angle across the center fold.

Pull in the other side of the strip, twisting it, and glue it so it touches the end of the other side. It should make a figure 8.

Hold until dry and repeat with the rest of the 8” and 7” strips.

Step 3:

Glue or tape the ends of the shortest strip so they overlap to form a loop.

You should have one set of larger figure 8s, one slightly smaller set, and a small single loop.

Step 4:

Make an X with two of the larger figure 8s glued in the center.

Put the last of them across the middle and glue it in place.

Step 5:

Make the same flower shape with the smaller set of figure 8s. Let both dry.

Glue the smaller set into the middle of the larger set, twisting it slightly so that the points of the two alternate rather than align.

The center will be left open, glue in the single small loop.