Introduction: Wanted Animals Grazing in Your Plate!

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Hi everybody,
this is a simple Instructable that I post to have lots of laughs with my friend...

I would love to go out and, maybe, have a picnic with grill and roast, but I'm studying in these days and I can not enjoy these pleasures until late July!

So here's a pasture in miniature that anyone can make in their flat, to enjoy (both at home and outside) of a dish that evokes a rural landscape ... animals included!
I think that it's also a good idea if you're bringing kids with you to the picnic or in a summer camp... so I enter also the "DIY Summer Camp" contest.

...In this Instructable, we will understand how to make animals grazing in your dish! ;-)

If you like the idea, vote me for the contest, thank you!

Step 1: The Circle of Life: a New Beginning

To give birth to our friends, we need:

• Wurstel (the big ones, one wurstel = 2 animals);
• sticks snacks;
• (optional) ketchup and mayonnaise;

We also need a knife, curiosity, and a pinch of time (very little!).

Step 2: Operation: the Body

  1. Cut a wurstel like in the picture, in 3 pieces, and take one of them;
  2. make holes like shown in the picture; you've to make 2 holes on one side, and other 4 holes on the other side;
  3. take another piece of wurstel and divide it in 2 parts, taking one of them, the one on the edge of the wurstel;
  4. make a cut like in the picture;
  5. make one hole on one side, and other 2 holes on the other side.

Good job doctor, now you can grill or cook in a pan your pieces of wurstel for 2-3 minutes, being careful not to burn them!

Step 3: Operation: Legs, Neck and the Rest

Here we play with the sticks snacks: following my instructions you will create a mythological creature that existed in an ancient time, but, as you will see, you can costumize your preference in order to make our friends look like other creatures you would like to have in your plate.


  1. take 4 sticks and divide as shown in the picture;
  2. put the pieces in the holes of the wurstel you prepaired before;
  3. fit the shorter ones in the position of the horns and the neck, that will connect (strange but true) the head with the rest of the body of our friend.
  4. Be careful to make pieces of the same length, or the animal will not be able to remain standing.

Optionally, you can:

  1. take the knife and draw eyes with mayonnaise;
  2. make the tongue dabbing some ketchup in the mouth of our friend.

Well, we've finished our work and our friend is born; put some salad in the plate to give something to eat to them and make them grazing!
As you can see in the picture, I put a friend on his side, and, being mythological creatures, they're wanted!

I saw them yesterday, but then they disappeared, if you should spot them, warn the authorities! :-P

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