Introduction: Warhammer 40k Papercraft

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I made these for my nephew who wanted to try out warhammer 40k, since you can get the rules online for free from the offical gamesworkshop webside I wanted to try out using markers to see if he likes the game.

Then i decided to go one effort level above that and make papercraft models to the correct scale and the right base sizes to play the game Warhammer 40k.


  1. Paper and Printer
  2. Craft Glue
  3. Scissors or Knife

If you can print on card it will make it even easier. I used pva but any should work.

Step 1: The Plan

I drew these all up in a cartoon style, the two armys are Necron and Orkz. I used different colours to make it easier to see. Feel free to make your own armies and use these for scale referance if you wish.

Remember the scale only works if you print at A4 size without margins or any enhancement in the printing process.

The circle bases should be 25mm Round (~1").

Step 2: Failed Experiment

At first i wanted to try putting them onto a firebreboard but it was simply too difficult to cut clean edges.

If you wanted something more permenent then card you can try simply printing onto paper and gluing onto anything you like, just make sure your able to cut it out.

Step 3: Paper Onto Card

I made the two leaders first to prove the concept. Once i was happy with how it worked and was put together i made the rest in bulk.

  1. First print out all the pages attached in the plan stage onto paper.
  2. Get A4 card and using a paper glue (i used undiluted PVA) spread thin onto the card apply the paper.
  3. After gluing all the pages onto there own pieces of card you might want to clean all excess glue off then press them all under some weight so they dont curl when drying.
  4. Once dry cut them out as illustrated, each model will also need a round base too.
  5. Fold them in half then seperate the front and back semicircles that will form the base, I did this in rows just it speed up the process.
  6. Glue them together, taking care not to get any glue on the semicircle base tabs.
  7. Clamp and wait for that to dry, this can be seen in the photo above.
  8. Cut out each model and check the tabs arnt stuck together.
  9. Now simply glue a circle onto the tabs, this helps it stay flat and adds a bit of weight to the base but is optional.

Step 4: Cutting Out

A few pictures of them complete, enjoy! :D