Washer Necklace



Introduction: Washer Necklace

Sometimes it is fun to find new unique ways to make new things. Recently I have been looking at making some jewelry. I recently had success making a washer bracelet so I decided to try and make a washer necklace to match.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to create my washer necklace


1/2" Ribbon

Step 2: Cut Ribbon

I started by cutting the ribbon to side.

I actually had to redo my necklace because I cut the ribbon too short and had to start over.

For my second attempt I cut the ribbon to about 4' long so there was plenty of ribbon to use for the necklace

Step 3: Weave Ribbon Through Washers

Once the ribbon was cut I was able to start weaving the washers for the necklace.

1. Pull the ribbon through the first washer

2. Pull the ribbon through the middle of the second washer.

3. Pull the thread back through the center of the first washer.

4. Pull tight.

5. Repeat steps for the rest of the washer chain.

Step 4: Tie Off Ends

Once you get to the last washer start by pulling the end of the ribbon in the last washer, but instead of adding another washer, pull the end of the ribbon through the loop that was made in the ribbon. This will knot the end of the the necklace, keeping all the washers in place.

Note: You can also knot the beginning of the washer chain at this time.

Step 5: Finished

After trimming the the excess ribbon, your necklace is complete!

I like how the necklace turned out. I am already wanting to make another one with more washers on it to make more of a statement necklace. The only downside is that with all the washers it becomes a bit heavy, but still has a great look.


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