Introduction: Washer Toss

Step 1. get the right materials

go to your local hardware store

shopping list


  • 2x12 inch (2 pieces)
  • 2x15 inch (2 pieces)
  • 15 inch ply wood (1 piece)
  • 3x36 inch pipe
  • fake grass


  • power drill
  • power saw


  • Brown screws 2 and a half inch
  • Copper strapping
  • 6x3/4 screw
  • hex nut 6-32
  • machine screws 6-32 x 1/2"

Step 1: Cutting the Materials

  • Cut two pieces of 2x12 inch wood
  • Cut two pieces of 2x15 inch wood
  • Cut 15 inch plywood
  • Cut the 3x36 inch pipe into three pieces of five and a half inch pipe and three more for the other on

Step 2: Building

Now that all the material are cut we can start building.

First you take the two 2x12 and the two 2x15 and screw them together in a square(2 and a half inch) then screw the 15 inch plywood to the bottom then add the grass then take three peaces of the pipe that you cut and put it on the grass with the copper strapping, nut and a bolt and half a inch screw attach it to the wood. steps again to make the other one. if you don't under stand the instructions look at the pictures above.