Washing Machine Fire Pit




Introduction: Washing Machine Fire Pit

About: Hi, my name is John. My hobby is to solve problems from other people and creating nice and functional stuff out of trash. I'm living in Germany so excuse my not so fluent English (some technical terms are hard…

When I'm sitting around with my friends, we often talked about a fire pit on our land.

To fulfill the dream, I came up with a 0€ (also 0$) solution. An old wash drum out of stainless steel should work.

Step 1: Release Your Anger

At first, disassemble an old washing machine and save all parts you need for other projects ;-)

The important one for this project is the wash unit. This contains some plastic housing and the wash drum itself. In my case, the plastic was welded / glued together and I had to work with an hammer and a saw to free the wash drum.

Step 2: Flywheel Stand

The wash drum is normally driven by a motor on the bottom of the machine. The momentum got transfered by a belt. The Flywheel for the drum is a perfect stand for the grill.

Step 3: Have Fun

I also found a grill rack, so everything is prepared for a nice evening.

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    6 years ago

    Wonderful use of a nonfunctional washing machine drum. I like the way you left the flywheel in place for a stand.