Introduction: Washing Machine Hook-Up Under Kitchen Sink

I live in an apartment without washer connections. My wife and I spend about $40-$50 per month at the laundromat.  That's enough money to pay off a new washer in a year. 
There is lots of talk about attaching washers to faucets, but that doesn't allow for temperature control, or multitasking with the water.  
I wanted a good, full size, intelligent washer that would be able to do hot and cold washes.  I realized that the best solution would be to get at the water under the sink.  It took a few trips to the hardware store to come up with the best solution, and it was such a simple one.
Instead of buying a Washing Machine Hose and finding fittings that would adjust the size down to what I needed, it turns out that a Dishwasher Hose is the perfect fit.  So I just need to find the right splitter and I was in business. 

I hope this answers your dreams of having a washing machine in a rental apartment, it sure answered mine.