Washington Crossing the Delaware

Introduction: Washington Crossing the Delaware

This ornament depicts George Washington's crossing of the Delaware on December 25, 1776. Washington crossed the river in hazardous weather on Christmas 1776 in order to lead the Continental Army against the Hessians. I made this design for my high school engineering course.


Step 1: The Boat

I created the boat using mostly semicircles. The body of the boat was made with one elongated semicircle hollowed out using another semicircle. The front and back of the boat were made in a similar manner using semicircles and square holes to get my desired shape.

Step 2: George Washingtons Head

My second step was to create George Washington's head with his iconic hair and hat. The hat consists of 2 semicircles, a rectangle and 1 half sphere. The hair is made up of 2 cylinders on each side. The face is simply 2 circles, 1 wedge and a semicircle for his smile.

Step 3: The Torso

The torso was a complex combination of cylinders, rectangles and rounded squares in order to create a realistic looking torso. I used spheres for the elbow and knee joints. Although this may look simple it was the most work intensive part of the design.

Step 4: The Rowers

The two rowers were built with the same design as George Washington with changed hats and facial features. Their oars are made up of a cylinder with an oval at the end.

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