Introduction: Washman- the Intelligent Washingmachine System

Washman is a intelligent monitoring system for washing machines in hostels using IoT. Washman will inform the students whether the washing machines in multiple floors in hostels are occupied or not.

The project is done by Darpan Bajaj, Shyam Krishnan, Mohammed Faris of M.Des, IIT Guwahati.

The project was part of workshop followed by a hackathon conducted by Boltiot at IIT Guwahati sponsored by Techniche.

The problem came to consideration after our discussion with Prof. Priyankoo Sarmah from HSS Dept, IIT Guwahati.

The monitoring system can be accessed through dedicated website or app.

Materials Used:

1- Bolt IoT platform

2- Arduino Mini Pro

3- Ultra sound scanner

4- IR sensor

5- Vibration sensor

6- Personal computer and Android mobile to setup hotspot

Step 1: Working of Washman

The ultrasound sensor is set to detect water level in the washing machine drum. When change is detected in the water level beyond a threshold, it is detected by the arduino. The arduino sends signals to BOLT.

BOLT will update the website real time about the availability of washing machines.


  1. Washing machine is free.
  2. Washing machine is occupied and running
  3. Washing machine is occupied and not running
  4. Washer is free but drier is occupied

Step 2: Web Interface

The interface is the pseudo map of hostel, where location of washing machines are marked. The location based indicators help the students to easily Identity the empty washing machine nearby.

NB: This is UI prototype. Images have been used than code, but the implementation of bolt with HTML has been completed using code.

Step 3: Code - Arduino, Html

The Arduino and Html Code has been attached here

Step 4: Thank You !