Introduction: Wasteland Summer Costume (Rick and Morty)

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This cosplay is intermediate level.
If you take it slowly and are patient and meticulous, it is possible to do.
I don't use exact measurements because I use an existing item of clothing for the pattern.
It's always a good idea to use a measuring tape to get your exact sizes


Sewing machine
Silver stretch fabric
One piece bathing suit
Silver satin fabric
EVA foam
Silver spray paint
Glue gun
Black stockings
Black shoes

Step 1: Measure the Costume

I find it easiest to measure fabric against items of clothing I already have.
I bought a one piece bathing suit at goodwill along with this silver metallic stretch fabric that would have enough give to fit well.
I started out by placing the costume over the fabric.
I made sure to fold the fabric double so that I could cut out both the front and the back at the same time

Step 2: Pin Down and Cut

Pin the costume onto the stretch fabric (folded double)
Cut according to the shape of the bathing suit, leaving enough fabric on the sides (about 5cm) so that you can sew it together and turn it inside out.
Remember it's better to have too much fabric than too little

Step 3: Pin Seams and Hem

Turn the fabric so that the shiny sides are facing each other.
Place the two pieces over each other and begin pinning the sides, crotch and top shoulder pieces together.
Then carefully pin the hems on the rest of the fabric (around the leg holes, arms and neckline)
This is to prevent any tearing or fraying

Step 4: Sew the Costume

If you can, this is the best time to try the costume on. I was afraid of getting poked by pins so I just went ahead and started sewing.
I recommend sewing the hems first. The neckline is the most difficult.
Then move onto the seams.
Because this fabric has stretch, it is best to go slowly to ensure the stitches are perfect.
Fit it on and admire your handiwork

Step 5: Measure and Cut the

The fabric I chose to use here was a silver satin. It had no stretch and was also prone to showing imperfections so again, I worked carefully.
I used butcher paper to make a simple pattern.
The width of the paper was perfect for my waist but do measure according to your waist and height.
The front of the fabric taperes into a V point.
To do this I brought the bottom sides together and cut them so that they would be symmetrical.
The back part was a lot easier as if was just straight up and down.
Once the paper is cut out, pin it onto the fabric and cut it out

Step 6: Pin and Iron the Hems

This fabric frays so it needs to be hemmed (plus it looks professional).
I pinned in about 2-3cm all around (shiny side outward so that the hems folded onto the Matt side)
Pressing your fabric before you iron it makes it easier to keep your sewing lines clean but do keep the iron on a lower setting so as not to burn the fabric

Step 7: Sew the Hems

Once pressed you can begin sewing carefully again.

Step 8: Measure, Cut and Pin the Belt

Measure your waist and use the shiny stretch fabric again.
This time you're just going to cut a long rectangle.
Make it about 20cm wide and the length of your waist plus an extra 4cm to join the two sends together.
Fold this length of fabric lengthwise so that the two shiny sides are facing each other and pin once again

Step 9: Sew the Belt and Turn It Inside Out

Sew only three sides of the belt, leaving one end open.
Turn it inside out (right way round)

Step 10: Press the Belt

Once turned the right way around I noticed that the material wasn't lying perfectly so I carefully pressed it.
I was cautious not the burn the material and started out using a towel but realised I could just use the iron on a low heat

Step 11: Complete Sewing the Belt

Once pressed, bring the end pieces together and sew them.
It's alright if the seam isn't perfect because you will hide it with the "loincloth"

Step 12: Complete the "loincloth"

Pin the satin fabric onto the front and back of the belt and try it on for fit.
Sew it all together

Step 13: Measure the Shoulder Armour

Using the butcher paper, measure out the shape for the armour.
You will need four individual pieces.
Pin the paper on and cut them out

Step 14: Spray the Armour

Take the foam outside and use a Metallic spray paint to cover both sides

Step 15: Glue the Armour Together

The shoulder armour is double layered so take two pieces and hot glue them together.
Make sure to stagger them so that you can see both levels.
It is best to sew the foam onto the costume but since I was just using it for a photo shoot, I pinned them on

Step 16: Cut the Stockings

I bought a pair of stockings from the dollar store to emulate the leggings
Put them on and carefully cut down the outside of the thigh and again on the inside, repeat on the other side.

Step 17: Makeup

Summer's makeup is a silver colour that comes around her eye. The design is simple enough to copy but looked a little faint so I outlined them using liquid liner

Step 18: Add the Finishing Touches

Time for the final pieces.
Shoes - black
Wig - blonde
Gloves - fold them over at the top

Step 19: Go Kick Some Ass!

I used a futuristic looking nerd gun to complete the look which was then edited in post to look silver.

For the full video tutorial visit my YouTube

Photos by @candy.coated.cobbler (Instagram)