Introduction: Watch Light

design thinking is very important because without it creators would not be able to create something good.

my design is a watch that is foldable and I glued a light to the top and a battery to the side so that the wires could be connected to the bukb from the battery manualy.

materials were batteries, wires, watch, light bulb, glue, and black tape.

Step 1: Step 2

empathy fits with design thinking because in order to design something you need to have someone o tell you what he or she wants in order for you to do that thing you need to be empathetic.

my user is my dad and he wanted a ring with a light but instead, it turned out to be a watch with a light.

the interpretation phase is the time where you interpret what you're user wants in order to build the project.

the drivers were to make it little and comfortable and that it needed to make it work good

Step 2: 3

ideation is the part where you come up with as many designs as you can in order to choose the one that you most like. and make an elaborated and better design than the one that you chose but using that same idea that is the fittest and best for the user.

Step 3: Step 4

making this design was very difficult because at first I needed what the user wants and he wanted something that was in you're hand and could light you're way. so then I needed to come up with something that could light up un you're hand. and at first its was the ring that had a light. but then while drawing the designs it was better a watch with a light and a battery at the side. so then when I assembled all of the materials bought, and m¡put them all together into the final project. and in order to turn it on a wire is connected to the bulb.

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