Introduction: Watch Tree Display

I started to realize I have a collection of watches. The problem is, I usually forget to wear them as I rush out of the door. My solution is the watch tray display. It keeps my watches in one place, displays them beautifully and are easily accessible.
I got the idea from:

Step 1: Find THE Display Tray

Find a tray, plate or picture frame that you like from any second hand store, thrift store, decoration store, craft store, etc. (I found mine at Homesense).

Step 2:

Buy (your choice of color) plastidip

Apply 3-5 even coats in a well ventilated area, away from the wind.

The benefit of the plastidip is it adds extra grip and prevents the watch from getting scratched. On top of that, I can restart and swap colors when I feel like it since plastidip is easily removed.

Step 3:

Voila! Pick and choose your favorite watches to display.

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