Introduction: Water Block for TEC (Simple)

so guys this is my second instructable and in this one im gonna show you how to make a water block for your TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler) and use it for your projects like water cooler (Cold Water) or water cooling (CPU Water Cooling) or any other type of projects!

so if you need a water block you are in the right place :D

Step 1: Material and Tools Needed

for making this water block you will need this list :

1. aluminum small box

Note : this one in the picture got form car Xenon light) but you can use any type of aluminum box that be like mine!

2. Aluminum or Copper pipe with correct diameter

Note : the xenon HV box has two hole in one side and my pipes was large enough to fit in it!

3. Pipe Cutter (Tube Cutter)

Note : i did cut my pipes and forgot to take a picture of cutting! but on youtube you can watch how to do a clean cut!

4. Silicon Compound (Thermal Paste)

5. Screwdriver, Drill (if you need make hole in your box), Drill bit etc...

Step 2: Fit Copper Tubes

when you grab the list of materials then you should fix the copper or aluminum tubes in the hole of your box

its better to make the holes side by side. but also you can drill your holes every where you want.

cut the pipe :

if you have knowledge about how to cutting copper tubes so do it

but if you don't so watch one of this videos : Video 1Video 2Video 3

after you cut the pipe in correct size for your box. i cut pipe in 3cm 1 3/16 in (1.18 in)

use thermal paste for completely sealing.

close the box and your done ! let thermal paste to cure and your water block is ready to use.

this was the simple version and in the next instructable i will show you pro version of water block

*Sorry for my poor English (im Persian)