Introduction: Water Bottle Bird Feeder and Bath

Materials Needed

  1. Plastic Bottles(2)
  2. Scissors
  3. Marker
  4. String
  5. Bird Feed
  6. Sticks(2)
  7. Ruler

Step 1: Marking the Bottles

  • Mark a small dot on the side of the bottle 2 inches from the bottom
  • Mark a second small dot one quarter of the bottle’s circumference away
  • The second dot should be at the same height as the first (2 inches from the bottom of the bottle)
  • Next draw a circular/oval shape 1 inch above each dot. These circles should be about 1 inch in diameter.
  • Repeat the circle outline on the direct opposite side of the circles
  • There should be 2 dots and 4 circles marked
  • On the second water bottle, mark a line across the circumference at the top of the bottle. Put the line 2.5 inches from the top of the bottle
  • On the second water bottle, mark a dot 0.5 inches above the line
  • Repeat this dot on the direct opposite side

Step 2: Cutting

  • Use the scissors and poke a hole in the bottle where each small dot is marked on the first bottle
  • Then use the scissors and cut out each circle outline. It may be helpful to pinch the bottle in order to make the initial cut.
  • Cut at the line on the second bottle off by following the line that was drawn.
  • Poke holes where the dots are on the second bottle

Step 3: The Perch

  • Take a stick and push it through one of the small holes that was created by poking through the marked dots (On the first bottle)
  • Push the stick so it is hitting the edge of the bottle from the inside
  • From the outside use the marker to make a dot.
  • The stick should be straight across, so the dot will be at the same height
  • This dot will mark where the perching stick will exit the bottle
  • Poke a whole with the scissors at the new dot
  • Push the perching stick through the original hole and out of the new hole
  • The stick should be protruding out of both sides
  • Shift the stick so the perch on each side is equal in length
  • Repeat these steps for the other small hole in order to create the second perch
  • By the end of this step there should be two sticks crossing over in the bottle

Step 4: Inserting the Bird Feed

  • Take the top piece of the second bottle that was cut off in step 2
  • Remove the cap if it is in place
  • This will act as a funnel, and help to reduce spillage of the birdseed
  • Some spillage may still occur, it is recommended to fill the bird feeder over a trash can or outdoors
  • Take the birdseed and pour it through the funnel and into the bottle
  • You will know the bottle is full when the birdseed begins to come out of the holes

Step 5: Birdbath

  • Take the funnel piece from the previous step
  • Put the cap back on
  • Take a piece of string and pass it through the poked hole from the outside
  • Pass the string through the other hole
  • Pull both ends of the string so that there is an equal amount of string on each side
  • Tie one end onto a perch stick
  • Tie the other end on the same perch stick but on the opposite side of the bottle
  • Once the string is knotted on each side, pull the knots along the perch until they are touching the bottle
  • This will hang below the feeder
  • Do not fill with water until feeder is hung

Step 6: Hanging the Bird Feeder

  • Remove the bottle’s cap
  • Take the scissors and poke a hole in the center of the cap
  • Take the string and push one end through the cap a few inches
  • Tie a knot at the end of the string, make sure it is on the side of the string that will be inside the bottle
  • Pull the string so that the knot is up against the hole (the knot stops the string from passing back through)
  • Put the bottle cap back on
  • The rest of the string that is coming out of the bottle cap is for hanging the bird feeder
  • Tie the rest of the string in order to create a loop
  • Then hang the bird feeder wherever you would like
  • Once it is hung fill the bath with water