Water Bottle Dog Toy

Introduction: Water Bottle Dog Toy

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This easy DIY dog toy is perfect for dogs like mine - who love noise & go through toys like there’s no tomorrow!
It’s also a great way to reuse those plastic water bottles you have at home, give a purpose to those lonely socks who lost their partner in the abyss that is your clothes dryer and save your hard earned money to be spent on dog treats instead! 🐶🦴😉


Empty water bottle
Sock or Fabric

Step 1: Get Your Supplies Ready

Remove plastic ring and label on water bottle. Place cap back on water bottle.

Step 2: Making the Toy

Place water bottle inside sock. Cut a piece off the top of the sock to use as a tie (optional).

Step 3: Tie Off

Tie sock off with the excess piece, you can also just tie a knot or use another piece of fabric or ribbon- get creative!

Step 4: Give to Your Dog!

Watch your dog go crazy making noise!

NOTE: It’s a good idea to be proactive about switching out the bottle if it gets too destroyed, as you’d replace any dog toy that gets too destroyed.

Puppy teeth can be pretty sharp and once they start chomping on plastic, sharp edges can form. Also if your dog can get past the sock to the actual bottle, he might go after the cap—if he does, take it away for safety precautions.

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