Water Bottle Holder




Introduction: Water Bottle Holder

This is a very secure way to carry and hold your bottle and has the added benefit of looking good.

Step 1: Step One of Snake Knot

Use about five feet of each of the two colors you choose.  arrange them as shown

Step 2: Step Two of Snake Knot

Take right farthest cord and bring it under all others to the left...in this case the bright green.  And then lay it over on top of all of them toward the right.

Step 3: Step Three of Snake Knot

Now take the farthest cord on left(black in this case) and bring it over and through the loop as shown.  Notice how it goes around and under all including itself and finally on top of the farthest green one.

Step 4: Step Four of Snake

Pull knot tight

Step 5: Step Five of Snake

Loosen knot as shown and bring the green around and under and through knot again.

Step 6: Step Six of Snake

tighten knot back down and notice last working end should be on bottom as arrow is pointing.

Step 7: Step Seven of Snake

Turn over whole knot work as shown in pic.

Step 8: Step Eight on Snake

Loosen knot again as shown

Step 9: Step Nine on Snake

Bring the black under and around and through knot like you did the green earlier

Step 10: Step 10 on Snake

Pull knot tight again

Step 11: Step 11 on Snake

Flip project over and loosen knot again

Step 12: Step 12 on Snake

Bring green around, under and through knot and tighten again

Step 13: Step 13 on Snake

Continue doing this weave until you have an inch or so of the length you desire.  Notice the arrows pointing to the two outside strands that we will cut off next close to the snake weave and melt with a flame or soldering iron to adhere them to the weave.  Next we will slide are plastic barrel slide over the two strands as well.  Also slide your snake weave up until the two loops that will go around the bottle are the desired length(approximately 4 inches for this bottle but make it long enough for the bottle you use).

Step 14: Step 14 on Snake

Here you can see we have slid the plastic barrel slide on.

Step 15: Step 15 on Snake

Here we will make an overhand knot beyond the barrel slide making the whole distance long enough to get your hand through the loop and have a little extra.

Step 16: Step 16 on Snake

Now tighten the overhand knot and cut closely the two strands at the end and melt.

Step 17: Doing Two Button Knots on Loops...step 1

Now we will make two chinese button knots to put over the two loops and they will act as sliders to cinch up against the water bottle neck.  Lay out one of the two colors(in this case green) like shown.

Step 18: Step Two of Button Knot

Now bring the working end over the existing loop again as shown

Step 19: Step Three of Button Knot

this is the hardest step to see...bring your working end around and over outside loop and then under and over and under as shown.

Step 20: Step Four of Button Knot

bring the working end around counterclockwise as shown

Step 21: Step Five of Button Knot

bring working end over and under as shown and notice arrow

Step 22: Step 6 of Button Knot

Now bring it under only the two show...notice arrow

Step 23: Step 7 of Button Knot

Now place whole button knot project over the black loop in this case and you will eventually pull knot tight working slow to make it look even and nice.

Step 24: Step 8 of Button Knot

Pull knot tight

Step 25: Step Nine of Button Knot

Cut ends off and melt close to knot.  Here you must be very careful knot to melt the green cord against the black or the green button knot will not slide.

Step 26: Making the Other Knot

Make the other button knot just like the green one and put it over the other loop.

Step 27: Finished Knot Work

Step 28: Slide Both Loops Over Bottle Neck

slide the loops over ready to cinch up with button knots

Step 29: Another View

another view of loops over bottle

Step 30: Finished View

Your work is done

Step 31: Around Wrist

Here it show the lanyard around your wrist

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Great job and good work on all the explanations and pictures.Thumbs up!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    So will the knot slide along the rope both ways? i.e. will it lossen and tighten?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    The paracord bottle holder looks great, Ken.  Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks David; pretty secure way to hold it.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done. I like the colour combo.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thankyou; it was for a knife forum member and those are the colors of the forum :)