Introduction: Water Bottle Ipod Speaker

A speaker made out of a mini water bottle for your ipod. Simple to do!

I came up with this Idea when I was fooling around....
I wanted to find a case for a speaker I had to use with my ipod and lol it fit into a cut water bottle.....what a coincidence

Oh and this is my first instructable

Step 1: Get a Water Bottle

I used a water bottle similar to the one in the pic because its easy to cut and stuff....

Take a big scissor thing and cut it right where the paper ends on the bottle near the cap so like this in the picture for some raeson I cant do image notes so maybe 3 inches down

Step 2: Get Speaker

I used a 0.05 watt speaker I think so it should all be around the same size if I am correct. Take the speaker and make sure the wires connected to it were off.

Step 3: Get Headphones and Cut and Strip Them

As said in the title get some old crappy headphones and cut right around where the 2 wires split....

Strip the wires about a centimeter down

Step 4: Drill Hole in Cap of Water Bottle and Put Wire Through

Once again, as said in title drill a hole throught he bottle and put the stripped wire through

Step 5: Put Speaker in and Solder the Wires On

Try both wires to see which one is postive and which one is negative (obviously have it connected to your ipod so you can test it lol)

Once your sure you have it all ready solder it

Step 6: Finish Up!

Ok your almost done. Just take a hot glue gun and put some dabs of glue to make the speaker stick to the bottle

And your done! Yay! Please give me teh commentz