Introduction: Water Bottle Rocket

Have you ever wanted to make a rocket? Now you can, in just under 15 minutes with supplies you have around the house!


2 litter bottle, cardboard, scissors, tape, cork, and a bicycle pump.

Step 1: Rocket Fins

Cut out three carboard triangles. Then, attach them to the bottle using tape or glue. These will be the fins for the rocket.

Step 2: Cork

Press the needle of the bike pump into the cork to create a hole. Then, put the cork inside the bottle with the side of the hole facing out.

Step 3: Adding Propellant

Fill your 2 liter bottle with water. I filled mine halfway, but you can experiment to see what works the best. After filling up the bottle, place the cork inside the top.

Step 4: Launcher

Using a cardboard box, cut a hole in the top that the rocket snuggly fits inside. This will be used to hold the rocket while it is being launched. Then, cut a hole in one of the sides of the box. This will be used for the bicycle pump to reach the cork of the rocket.

Step 5: Decorating the Rocket (optional)

Now that the construction of the rocket is finished, you can decorate the rocket or the launcher.

Step 6: Blast Off!

It is now time to launch the rocket! The rocket can go up to 1,000 ft, so make sure to launch it away from people and buildings. Place the rocket inside the launcher. Attach the needle of the bicycle pump to the hole in the cork. Pump air until the rocket until it launches.
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