Introduction: Water Bottle Survival Kit

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A much roomier case for a survival kit that blends in with the everyday environment, whether at work, commuting, out for a bike ride, a hike, a picnic or a day at your favorite park.

Step 1: Why a Water Bottle Survival Kit?

I decided to use a water bottle, because it can hold lots of stuff, a lot of people often carry one so it's inconspicuous, most back packs have a holder for one, you can also find a sling type carrying case for one usually at a dollar store. It also can be used if a Zombie comes at you by using the cord tied around the neck of the bottle to swing the bottle at it. I also used Google to see if Zombies drink water, they don't so they probably won't want to steal it.

Full of survival stuff it weighs less then it would if it was filled with water.

Also it can be used as a water bottle as well. I found the bottle at second hand store for a dollar and it's made out of stainless steel.

Oh yea it's water proof as well!

Step 2: What Fits in It.

Swiss Army Knife, two bike LED lights 1 red and 1 white, that have steady and strobe capability from the dollar store they also ca be attached to a finger or a stick, Carbide knife sharpener, Single edge razor blades, Energy bar, because to quote a Snickers commercial "you're not you when you're hungry", a small pack of safety pins and straight pins and a small super magnet to keep them together, band-aids, antibiotic creme, disposable nitrile gloves, combination whistle, compass, magnifying glass, mirror and thermometer, Carpenters pencil, some Post It notes, Lumber crayon that can write on most anything even if it's wet, tube of lip balm that also can be used for other things as well, Advil pain relief tablets, a two litre bag to put all the stuff in if you want to use the water bottle for its original purpose, waterproof matches, two yards of aircraft cable with crimped loops, the package shown is to show what is packaged like, two yards of flagging tape, 6 inch long tweezers, plastic clip for two litre bag, fire starter stick cut into four pieces.

I forgot fishing line, hooks and sinkers but there is still a bit of room for that.

Step 3: Outside the Bottle

The twenty five feet of para cord wouldn't fit inside so I made a survival belt with buckle clip that has a whistle and flint and steel stick. I looped the survival belt through the cap to carry it.

I also cut the bottom of the cap off to add a bit of extra room in the bottle.

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