Introduction: Water Bottle Tripod!

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a cheap and sturdy tripod out of a water bottle and a few of very easy to find objects for your camera.

All you need is:
Water Bottle (With water in it)
Water Bottle Cap
A Knife
Nut and Bolt
And a camera

Step 1: Make the Cap

Take your cap, and cut a hole in it, large enough to fit the bolt, but small enough that its a tight fit.
Note: Make sure your bolt is the correct size to fit in your tripod slot on your camera

Once you have your hole, push the bolt through in, and screw on your nut, like the picture below.


Step 2: Use It!

Once your cap is complete, put it on your water bottle and use it!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have water in your bottle, the water weighs the bottle down, and prevents it from falling.

If you are worried about water spilling on your camera, you can put a ring of glue around the bolt to seal any cracks.

I apologize for the short instructable, this project is so simple, theres just not much to say about it.


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