Introduction: Water Bulb.

Hello, this is my second Instructable, my projects do not have a very defined theme, I enjoy all the things that I can think of because I see their possibilities, I am glad that the previous Instructable has seen more than I expected and because of it I am grateful.


I search subscribers for my Youtube channel but also accept tips and criticism. Thank you in advance, enjoy this Instructable.

We need: empty or recycled plastic water bottle, champagne cork, cider or similar, power supply (see description), led diodes 4 (see description), soldering iron, tin, scissors, knife, empty or recycled bulb socket, A thumbtack or bulb butt, additional cable, glue tape or heat shrinkable tube (insulation), silicone gun and silicone rods, deionized water, clear nail polish, varnish or the like, to cover metal parts of Leds (not essential but if advisable and more if you want a long duration)

Step 1: Step 1

I chose the cork of champagne by the thickness, the bottle of water was of wide mouth and was the one that better closed it, also fit with the measures of the power supply. Cut the plug through the widest part and make a hole in it. At the bottom of the cork you have to drill a hole to pass the cables that give the DC 11-12 volts, which will then be sealed with silicone.

Step 2: Step 2

Pass the wires and connect it to the diodes, which we will have previously soldered. The red wire at one end is from the continuous and is the positive. The white wires of the other end, are those of AC alternating current, it is indifferent where to put them while we do not put them together and make a short circuit. One will go to the base and one to the side of the bulb. The one of the base we will reuse the ass of the light bulb that comes to us or we will use a thumbtack to which we will have welded a cable and glued with silicone. For the lateral we will practice a hole with the tip of the welder or a very hot sharp object.

Step 3: Step 3

Fit it inside the empty bulb socket, fix it with silicone at the edges (there is the possibility of fitting the cork at both ends, ie inside the bulb socket and inside the bottle, would be ideal and possible but I decided on the simplest)

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