Introduction: Water Is the Basis for Human Life


Using Arduino to make a project which contains a function. I create an Arduino project which reminds you to drink water for a certain time.


Nowadays, most of the people spend most of their time focus on work and they often forget to drink the water during day time. This issue causes their body lack of water and makes an influence on the physical problem. For instance, those people will have a bad quality of skin, dehydration, abnormal renal function and electrolyte become badly and so on. Therefore, in order to solve this issue, I create this Arduino project which reminds you to drink water for every 5 sec (you could change the time by yourself).

How is it work?

As you can see, there is a case and a coaster on it which have a small cat design by the side. On the box, there is a cup draw by color pencils and have 4 LED on each corner. The cat design is the supersonic sensor which will detect the distance. If the distance equal to 5 the servo motor will rotate randomly and LED will flash. This is the movement that reminds you it's time to drink water. Every 5 sec will repeat the action when your cup put on the coaster. If there is nothing on the coaster, the programs won't start.

Step 1: Making Circuits

1. Prepare the materials.

  • Supersonic sensor x1
  • Serv motor x1
  • LED x4 (Different color)
  • Resistance x4
  • Jumper wire x17
  • Extension wire (if you need to)
  • Arduino Leonardo Software x1
  • Arduino Board x1
  • Breadboard x1
  • Arduino Cable x1

2. making circuits using the image above to help you.

Step 2: Write the Code

You could click on the link to see more detail information.

The setting of this project is every 5 sec; you could change the delay time and make it more sensitive because drink water for every 5 sec is too short and non-making sense.

Step 3: Make a Box

1. Prepare the materials below

  • Huge cardboard x1
  • Pencil x1
  • Ruler x1
  • Utility knife x1
  • Styrofoam x1
  • Velcro x1
  • scissors x1
  • Color pencil (depend on you)

2. Draw the box on the cardboard (The image contains how long the line you need to draw and how many pieces you need) LOOK FOR IMAGE 1

3. Cut the cardboard for materials(Red line = cut off, Green line = don't cut off but cut shallower because it makes the cardboard easier to fold, shadow = the place that needs to put on styrofoam, and makes sure put a mat under the cardboard) LOOK FOR IMAGE 2

4. Connect the cardboard together (Don't need to stick the top of the cardboard) LOOK FOR IMAGE 3-5

5. Stick velcros on the box LOOK FOR IMAGE 6-7

6. Put the Arduino board inside the box LOOK FOR IMAGE 8

7. Put servo motor inside the hole on the top of the box LOOK FOR IMAGE 9

8. Stick the round cardboard on the servo motor (pretend it's a coaster, use velcros) LOOK FOR IMAGE 10

8. Cut two circle for the supersonic sensor and put the supersonic sensor inside the box. (Be stable) LOOK FOR IMAGE 11

9. Connect the supersonic sensor and the round cardboard LOOK FOR IMAGE 12

10. Draw a cup on the top of the box and cut 4 holes in each corner of the cup LOOK FOR IMAGE 13

11. Put 4 different colors LED into the holes (Be stable) LOOK FOR IMAGE 13

12. Make sure the circuit doesn't mess up

13. Design your box (Color it) LOOK FOR IMAGE 14

14. Cut an equilateral on the side of the box LOOK FOR IMAGE 15

Step 4: Finish!!!!!!!!!!!

Get to try your product and I hope my explanation is clear and easy to understand. Also, thanks for watching my tutorial. :) :) :)