Introduction: Water Level Monitoring

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I built this thing, because i was tired up of climbing all the way up to my terrace to check the water level of my tanks, and switch it on/off every time. In this instructable i have built asystem which detects the water level of my water tank and pings the level via a blutooth module to my android phone/tablet. Also I could control the motors remotely from my phone too !! ... Lets get started then..

Things Required :

1) Arduino Uno

2) HC-05 (Bluetooth module)

3) Ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)

4) Relays

5) Android smartphone

Step 1: Working Demo of My Project...

Step 2: Getting Your Connections Right..

We use a Ultrasonic Sensor (USS) for the detection of water level. The working of a USS can be found here

(USS Datasheet). Use this to understand its functionality. I will upload the arduino sketch, the same functionality would be implemented over there. Connect your USS to the arduino board and upload the sketch. Once done with the connections, check whether you are receiving any data over the serial port. If it is displaying zero, reset the connections and make sure you point the USS to any obstacle so that you would get some value. Once done connect the Bluetooth module to your arduino board. Check my Night_Light Tutorial for the bluetooth instructions. Now install the android app and select the bluetooth module from there and chek if the correct values are being sent from the arduino. Now deploy the entire system upon the tank. Use an external power source for the arduino, and cover them up from preventing any sort of damage. To control the motors you would need to use relays. Please follow my Home_Automation instructable to know how to hook up your relays with your household appliances. Once done you could control them from your app too. I will upload more details on this soon.