Introduction: Water Machine (JokeBox)

This instructable will guide you in the process of making a JokeBox.

What is a JokeBox? It's a water-machine integrated in a jukebox. The JokeBox has 4 pumps, so jets of water will be sprayed out of 1 of the pumps. The 4 pumps replace the LED's of the game 'Simon Says'. So you can play Simon Says with fountains!

Beside this, there is also a random jet of water, sprayed in public. This increases the fun factor of the machine.

I recommend to download the pdf 'Instructable JokeBox' first, so it's easier to make the JokeBox using this manual.

Step 1: Required Materials and Tooling

The pictures shows the required materials and tooling.

Step 2: Building the Housing of JokeBox

The pdf 'bemating onderdelen' shows the dimensions of the seperate parts.

The picture (SHEET 1) shows the assembly of the housing. The material of the housing is plywood (as shown in 'required materials SHEET 0-1').

First, make sure to cut the parts with a panel saw for straight borders. If it's not possible (for angular parts), use the jigsaw power tooling. After using a jigsaw power tooling, use a sanding machine to straighten the borders.

After this step, assemble every time 2 parts with wood glue first (assembly shown in SHEET 1). After applying wood glue, use screws to fasten the parts.


Between step 7 and step 8, make sure to go through the steps shown on SHEET 2. In this instructable, go to "STEP 3: Integrate tablecloth in JokeBox". This is crucial, because the wooden frames shown in step 8 and 9 must be applied on the borders of the tablecloth paper. In this way, the borders of the tablecloth are invisible.

Step 3: Integrate Tablecloth in JokeBox

Step 1: Draw the figure as shown on the picture (SHEET 2). Make sure to check the dimensions double! After this, cut the paper tablecloth in the right shape.

Step 2: Glue the yellow part as shown in step 2 on the picture.

Step 3:Next, put the tablecloth paper carefully on the indicated glued yellow part.

Step 4: Glue the yellow part A' and the opposite face (B').

Step 5: Attach the tablecloth paper carefully on the face A' and B'.

Step 4: Building the Aquarium Integrated in Housing

First, cut the plexi-sheets as shown in the picture (Sheet 3).

You can do this using a belt saw for plastics. Make sure the dimensions are correct!

Next, assemble the parts using all-purpose glue. Make sure the glue joins plexi (plexi = perspex = PMMA).

The picture (Sheet 3) shows how to assemble the parts to become an aquarium. After the aquarium is ready and the glue is dry, you can attach the silicone inside the aquarium on the places shown on sheet 3.

Step 5: How to Assemble the Electronics (Simon Says)

Use elektrical schemes if you can read them.

Download the pdf below and follow the steps in the pdf. Pictures are shown in the pdf.

What you need

- 4 resistors 220 ohm

- 4 pumps 230 V

- Either 4 relays or a relay board

- An Arduino

- A breadboard

- A bunch of wires

Step 6: How to Assemble the Electronics (Fun Spray)

Follow the steps in the pdf.

What you need

- An Arduino

- A relay

- A pump

- Wires