Introduction: Water Marble Nail Art

In this instructable, I'll be showing you how to do this amazing nail art. It looks really tricky, but it's simple once you know how to do it! Marble nail art doesn't take much: all you need is nail polish and water to do it. Keep reading and I'll show you how.

Step 1: Equipment

For this nail art, you'll need:
A container filled with water (preferably bottled water)
Nail polish remover
Sticky tape
Nail polishes of your choice
Base coat
Top coat
Tooth picks
Cotton swabs
An old towel
**OPTIONAL** - fast-drying nail spray

Step 2:

Paint your nails with a clear base coat. Spray with fast-drying spray if you want.

Step 3:

Paint your nails with the white nail varnish. I recommend 2 coats.

Step 4:

Put sticky tape around your skin and cuticles. Be sure that the tape dosent touch the nail. If the tape is covering the nail, it will ruin the effect, because some parts will be white .

Step 5:

Add the nail varnish to the cup. Put some nail varnish on the brush. Hold it 1 cm above the centre of the waters edge.
Gently tap the handle of the brush until the varnish drips into the water. Add a second colour in the same way into true middle of fat colour. Carry on the pattern in this way.

Step 6:

Using a tooth pick, stir the clear water surrounding the circle of nail varnish. Thus will make the nail varnish ring expand. Make sure the toothpick DOES NOT TOUCH the nail varnish itself, only the clear water.

Step 7:

Place the toothpick on the water, from about the 3rd ring out. Drag the toothpick inwards, towards the centre of the nail varnish. Continue in this way in order to make a flower pattern.

Step 8:

Dip your finger on the water (where the nail varnish pattern is) at a 45 degree angle.

Step 9:

Keep your finger in the water, and use a clean toothpick to roll around the un-used nail varnish to pick it up. Then, take your finger out of the water. Be sure not to smudge the design whilst doing this.

Step 10:

Spray the nail with some quick-dry spray, or leave to dry. Carefully peel off the tape from your finger. Start with the piece that you put down last.

Step 11:

Dip a cotton bus in nail polish remover. Wipe u around your skin to remove any spilt nail varnish. Be carefull around the cuticle, so you don't take off any bail varnish from the actuall nail.

Step 12:

When the nail is dry, paint over it with a
clear top coat. Repeat on all other nails.

Step 13:

And you're done! Hope you found this instructable usefull!
Comment if you have any questions.