Introduction: Water Marble Nails

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Hey everyone! This is my first DIY! Hope you like it. Just letting you know I really don't know what I am doing.

Step 1: Find Nail Polish

You are going to need nail polish. The newer the better.

Step 2: Water

Make shore the water is at room temp. I left my water out for a minute or two.

Step 3: Remover

Don't forget nail polish remover. If there is anything else you need get it now. Find a place to start.

Step 4: Starting

Paint your nails with a base coat. Then paint them white. You may need to do two coats. If you don't want to paint your skin put tape around your nails.

Step 5: Color

Have the tops of the nail polish open so you can work fast. Drop the polish in the water one drop at a time. They should make rings. Add more colors.

Step 6: Dip

Dip your nail face side down into the polish. If you want you can made designs in the polish with a tooth pick before you dip. Hold your nail in the polish for about 10 seconds. Slowly pull your nail out.

Step 7: Almost There

Pull the tape off your nail and let dry.

Step 8: Clean Up

Use the tooth pick to clean up the nail polish off the water and repeat these steps for the rest of your nails.

Step 9: Clean Nails

Clean up your nails and add a top coat.

Step 10: You're Done!

Let your nails dry and you are done! Hope you liked this. Luv you guys. Please follow me!