Introduction: Water Piano Made Using Glass Jar

This is an amazing and

easy project for everyone. I did not use a microcontroller or an IC. This water piano uses small jars.

This is really a basic project.

To make this project, follow the instructable.


- jars of any size, atleast 4 to max. 8(use as small as possible).

-5v-12v battery

-a buzzer or(bc547 transistor, small coiled inductor, piezo)

-some wires


-bc548 transistor

Step 1: Circuits

The figure 1 shows the circuit for the piezo speaker, I found a buzzer with same circuit.

The figure 2 shows the circuit for the current coming in keys of piano and going out to the buzzer. The circuled resistor represents the water keys.

The figure 3 represents the water keys for the piano.

Step 2: Making the Circuits

For figure 1, the red wire represents the +ve in and white wire represents the

-ve in. For figure 2, the +ve out is for +ve in and the -ve out is for -ve in, the yellow and grey wires are made for the keys.

For figure 3, put water in jars and make a series connection for all. And put the yellow wire in water and connect the grey wire to your finger tip.

Step 3: Testing the Water Piano Made Using Glass Jar

Now test the piano. I connected a L.E.D. in parallel with buzzer to show you all that the project works.

GOOD BYE FOR NOW! See you in next instructables.

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