Introduction: Water Pouring Machine

Water pouring machine is for pouring water, milk, etc. To a bowl or cup. It is easy to made and

doesn't require much materials.The machine works by easy mechanic of lever to change the angle of the box that contains the bottle. The materials required are: wood 3mm thick, sticks and wood glue. Instruments required: electric screw saw.

Step 1: The Pieces You Need Length in Mm and Amout.

Step 2: Assembling the Machine

You take the pisces that are 200x70 and use them as base then you take 2 pieces of 345x105 which will be pillars and then glue one on one base and then another one to other base. Then you take the piece that is 100x100 and then you take 3 pieces of 272x110 and one of 240x110 glue them vertical from outside. then you make holes in pillars in the middle then put two sticks of 13cm and glue to the walls of the box (240x110 needs to look forward) then add to where are sticks circles and pull them till the wall and then glue them(fore extra stability). Then make hole in pillars right in the middle of pillar then add circles somewhere 5cm from the wall of box and glue them to the stick then add one pillar to each stick add pull it till it touches the second circle then stop. Then add additional circles to each stick and pull it till it touches the pillar then stop and glue it to the stick. And last steps 3cm from last circle(from any side you want) add a circle and glue it to stick and then near the edge of it add a 3cm stick of 2.5mm thick and glue it to circle. Congratulations you made it!!