Introduction: Water Proof Camping Bottles

These camping bottles/containers are very useful. I bring at least one of them where ever I go and I use them to store paper, tinder, matches and in this intractable I am making one for salt and pepper. Please like this intractable and comment future ideas or any suggestions. Thanks!

Step 1: Water Bottle Key

Step 2: What You Need

You need

  • Two water bottles (If you are using water bottles I prefer Using the brand I used as they have larger caps for more storage. You can also use soda bottles.)
  • Saw
  • Super Glue
  • Cardboard (Optional)
  • Clamp (Optional)
  • Sandpaper (Optional)

Step 3: Cutting

Put the Bottle in a clap upside down and make sure the Lip is flush with the clamp to assure a clean cut. To also assure a clean cut make sure that when cutting, make sure the saw is flat and even with the other end of the Lip.

Step 4: Sanding

Now that you have cut the two caps of the bottle off, Sand the area where cut to assure a water tight seal...It also looks a lot better when sanded.

Step 5: Assembling

Put the two lips of the bottle back to back and make sure that they are the same size and you did not clamp the bottles to tight when cutting. I put a pice of cardboard in between the two caps so I can I to sections in my container but that is completely optional.

Step 6: Glueing

Put glue...I used super, on each of the lips if you are using the cardboard idea and place one pice of cardboard on one lip and place the other lip with flu on top of the other side of cardboard. Alight the two sides so they are symmetrical and clamp for a minute. If you are not using the cardboard you only have to put glue on one lip and put the two together and clamp for a minute.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

When the glue has dried sand down the lips and excess glue and cardboard until you feel it looks need enough.

Step 8: Finish

Now get the lids that go on the screws and screw both of them on and you are ready for use. Happy Camping!

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