Introduction: Water Purification

Imagine your stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean and you need clean drinking water ....

well have i got something for you

actually even if your not stranded on a deserted island you should probably enjoy this.

So just sit back, relax, and let old Goawayndstay teach you the art of water purification!

Step 1: GET a BOWL

1. Scavenge through your cupboards to find a semi large bowl

Step 2: Add Water

1. Add several cups of water to the bowl

Step 3: Add Food Coloring

1. Obtain some food coloring
2. Add it to the water

Step 4: Add the Salt

1. Acquire some salt
2. Add it to the mixture of food coloring and

Step 5: Mugtastic

1. Next you will need a mug or cup smaller than the bowl of your choice
2. Insert the cup into the bowl as shown in the pictures

Step 6: Suranatastic

Then you will need a large sheet of saran wrap

wrap it around the pan *loosely*

Step 7: Rubber Bandtastic

You may want to use a rubber band to hold it on but make sure it slightly sagging in the middle

Step 8: Pennytastic

Now all that you have to do is add some weight to the plastic to keep the inverted cone shape

Step 9: Whats Next ?

Now all thats left is to set it in the sun

and to wait

Step 10: TAA DAA !

The water purification process takes some time depending how much water was used

but it should not take more than a few hours for a big batch

how this works: because it a contained environment (similar to a green house) the water heats up more quickly than normal ....that causes it to evaporate ,but because it has nowhere to go, it just condensates on the bottom of the plastic wrap and follows the natural curve of the saran wrap because of the weight . The water than drips into the cup completely color free and salt-free. This is because salt and food coloring does not evaporate with water.

its really a cool little science experiment with a practical long as you have the materials ! Most of which can be improvised with ease

In the picture below you can see the condensation of the water

To give you an idea .....this all happened within 20 min.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, I will do my best to answer any questions as well