Introduction: Water-Purifying Plant Watering System

An easy plant-watering system, that not just conserves a lot of water but also makes watering a very fun and easy task.

Dirty water, which is left in your washing machines, or dishwasher can be used in a very effective manner to make the plants at your home, healthy and nutrient rich!

You don't need to be an Einstein to make this, just basic knowledge about Arduino.

You can make this with materials in your home easily, along with some basic electronic materials.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required to build the System :

  • A Cuboid Wooden Box (30*15*20 cm)
  • Two Large Cylindrical Containers
  • A plastic pipe
  • Clay
  • Two plastic bottles (like Bisleri)
  • Plastic Cups
  • A net with very small holes
  • Filter Paper
  • 4 Tyres
  • A Cylindrical Rod
  • Arduino UNO
  • Servo Motor
  • Jumper Wires
  • Push Button
  • A 9V Battery

Step 2: Begin With Making the Water Purifier

1.Cut the plastic water bottle in half .

2. Remove the cap of the bottle and cover that part with a filter.

3.Cover the other open side of the bottle with filter too. (Leave it loose to allow water to pass through it easily)

4. Now take the funnel and fix a filter inside the funnel as well .

5. Put this funnel on top of the plastic bottle that was covered with filter in the previous steps.

6.This will result into a three layered filtration process that will filter dirty water.

7.For better results, activated carbon can also be added.

Step 3: Make the Cart and Arrange the Watering System

Before attaching the sides of the box,

1. Cut a large hole(approximately 1/4th greater than the diameter of the bottle attached with servo motor) at the front part.

2. on the parts that will form the sides adjacent to the front part, drill holes equivalent to the diameter of the wheel rod at the bottom(For clarity refer to the image)

Now that we are done with the drilling part,

1. Attach all the sides of the wooden box excluding the top part.

2.Attach the wheels too

Now that the cart is ready, Arrange the water purifying and fertilizer mixing system,

1. Attach a pipe between the two containers from a low to high level.

2. On the back side of the cart, place the container (from which the pipe is attached at the lower level) at the height of 10cm.

3.Attach the purifier made in the last step on top of this container.

4. Place the other contained near the front end and at the base of the cart.

Step 4: Controlling Servo Motor for Watering Plants and Mixing the Water Inside

Next step is to control the servo motor using a push button so that one can water the plants as and when required:

  • Connect the black wire of Servo Motor to Ground, Red wire to 5V and Yellow wire to pin 8.
  • Use a 1K ohm resistor. Connect one side to Ground and the other side to pin 9.
  • Insert the Push Button on the Breadboard in such a way that one of its corners is connected to the side of the resistor with pin 9.
  • On the other corner of the Push Button, connect it to 3.3.V of Arduino.

The circuit is Ready!

Upload the code given here to the Arduino, and Use the Push Button to move the Servo Motor to and fro!

Source :

Step 5: Final Product

After arranging the circuiting in the box , cover the upper end of the box with a corrugated sheet and test it .