Water Ram Pump - Free Pumping Using the Power of Pressure




Introduction: Water Ram Pump - Free Pumping Using the Power of Pressure

Ever wanted to lift some water from a river the hydraulic ram pump is easy to build, simple, reliable, cheap to build and free to run. The diagrams are self explanatory and the unit works on the principle of hydraulic pressure created by some flow in a river or stream. The incoming pressure forces the check valve open and pushes a certain amount of water into the air chamber when the pressure equalises the non-return valve closes and the waste valve opens. This then allows some water to by-pass waste valve, until the dynamic pressure forces the waste valve to close, which in turn then again build pressure in the delivery chamber which then forces a certain amount of water into the deliver chamber. It becomes self perpetuating and just clicks along. The amount of water delivered depends on the static head of pressure in the drive pipe.

It can be made from off-the-shelf plumbing fittings and irrigation pipe.

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    5 years ago

    Curiosity whats the minimum head pressure for some thing like this and how high/much can it pump compared to the inlet volume/pressure.


    Reply 5 years ago

    The ratio is said to be 1:7 and generally you want to have half the drive pipe for delivery pipe.


    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi using water Ram pump can i use the same pressure to pump water on grid supply by local body or is there any other method to pump water from ground level to 70 ft over head tank without electric pump....thanks krishna Bangalore